Helping the Body Detoxify: In this article I review detoxification techniques such as coffee enemas and liver-gallbladder flushes, which I discussed in an appearance on the Fox News show A Healthy You & Carol Alt. The article was subsequently published in the May/June 2014 Well Being Journal.

Deciding Whether to Pursue an Alternative Cancer Therapy: I wrote this article after conducting a survey among some of the long-term patients using the nutritional programs provided by myself and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. I wanted to learn more about how they made the decision to begin our treatment. This article was published in TotalHealthMagazine and in the Townsend Letter.

The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer: One Solution to the Medical Enigma of Our Time. Dr. Gonzalez and I co-authored this book, which discusses the work of Dr. John Beard, the British scientist who pioneered the therapeutic uses of enzymes a century ago, and the modern-day support for his theories on the development of cancer. For more information, click here to go to the site of the publisher, New Spring Press.

Dr. Gonzalez and I also co-authored two scientific articles:

After the publication of our case report article, Alternative Therapies published an article I wrote about identifying good case reports. This article can be helpful for patients trying to evaluate “testimonials” for various treatments.

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